5 Best Activities To Do At Landmark Beach

From sightseeing and sunbathing, to beach volleyball and nature walks, there are plenty of things to do at Landmark Beach!

Landmark Beach is a pristine stretch of shoreline, perfect for a sunny day of exploration and relaxation. Whether you’re looking to enjoy the surf, soak up some sun, or take part in some beach sports, there’s plenty to do here.

Lagos state has many beaches. The simple reason is that the state is close to the Atlantic Ocean.

Landmark Beach in Lagos is a popular privately owned beach. It is also close to the Onium Private beach.

As you are aware, life in Lagos is complicated, the majority of which stem from the city’s never-ending traffic. On weekends, Landmark Beach provides a tranquil setting for Lagosians to relax and unwind.

The administration of Landmark Beach Lagos provided high-quality amenities with a focus on family and friends. Discover all the ways to spend your day at Landmark Beach!

Take a Walking Tour of the Landmarks and Attractions

Landmark Beach has its own unique attractions and landmarks that are sure to provide some inspiration. Take a walk through the area and get to know the place better by visiting different spots like the ruins of a shipwreck or an old lighthouse, or take a stroll down scenic pathways with excellent views of the waves. It’s a great way to appreciate nature and learn something new at the same time.

Enjoy a Beach Picnic

Pack a picnic and find a spot on the beach to enjoy it. Get creative and make your own deli sandwiches, wrap up some sushi rolls or even invest in some beach-friendly dishes like non-greasy burgers and wraps. To really make the most of Landmark Beach, bring a little dessert or some yummy snacks like popcorn for an afternoon that you won’t forget.

Go Swimming or Surfing

If you’re looking for something wet and wild to do at Landmark Beach, why not try taking a dip or perfecting your surfing skills. The beach provides ideal conditions for learning the basics of bodyboarding and long boarding, as well as plenty of chances to spot some beautiful local wildlife in the crystal-clear waters.

Play Sand Volleyball or Badminton

If you’re looking for a fun activity to do with friends and family at the beach, there’s no better way to spend an afternoon than playing some beach volleyball or badminton. Whether you prefer to play on the soft sand or hard-packed shoreline, Landmark Beach has got you covered! Make sure you bring your own net, balls, and rackets for an impromptu game in the warm sun.


Have a BBQ on the Beachfront Patio Area

What’s a trip to the beach without an outdoor BBQ? Situated right along the shoreline, Landmark Beach’s patio area is the perfect spot to set up shop for a family-friendly grill session. Be sure to bring all your grilling accessories and ingredients to make the most of this incredible experience. You can even take in stunning views of the ocean while you cook up some tasty treats with your loved ones!

5 Best Activities To Do At Landmark Beach

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5 Best Activities To Do At Landmark Beach

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