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Africa Cultural Fashion Show Magazine (ACFSM) & Africa Fashion Week Maryland (AFWM) is one of Africa’s most prominent fashion events promoting and nurturing African-inspired design talent.


Africa Cultural Fashion Show Magazine (ACFSM) Is a platform designed for fresh and emerging designers, business, people who want exposure to international audience. (ACFSM) will also avail them of the opportunity to showcase and mingle with established designers, businessmen, and businesswomen, Governments Agencies, and other stakeholders in the industry.

Africa Cultural Fashion Show Magazine is a movement founded by the aim of contributing to luxury and mainstream fashion’s global development through events, media, retail, newsstands and tourism. Our platforms aim to educate, empower, and connect inspirational brands and individuals interested in breaking down barriers and creating structure around industries for business.


Our main focus is to use fashion as an instrument of sustainability and of social change. We believe that for creativity to grow, there needs to be a platform that promotes and supports its growth.


Africa Cultural Fashion Show Magazine will feature; Runway shows, Marketplace exhibitions, and Business of Fashion Talk, Beauty Pageant, Politics, People, Society, Showcasing Cultural Attires & African Print Wax Fabric.

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