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ENDLESS CHANCES is the first of a two-part adult romance novel detailing the life of Ajoke, a teenager from rural Nigeria; a society stratified into social classes where the poor serve the wealthy. Ajoke, who has always felt like an outcast due to her tumultuous relationship with her mother, always admired the rich and famous people in the gorgeous cities of the western world she enviously watched on her neighbor’s television.

After her father is stricken by an illness and can no longer provide for their family financially, Ajoke is sent off, against her wish, to work as a housemaid in the city. From being abused in the underbelly of Lagos almost to the point of death, to working with a posh, globe-trekking family in an upscale neighborhood, Ajoke never stops fighting for the better life she believes she deserves.
Through this journey, Ajoke grows from an unsophisticated child to an ambitious, aspiring young adult who strives for a proper education. She falls in love and engages in a secret (and steamy!) forbidden romance, but with a relationship built on a foundation of risks, it is clear that Ajoke’s life depends on chances,  order here ENDLESS CHANCES BY LOLA FASHINA   


Lola Fashina currently lives in Maryland with her husband and three children. She enjoys traveling, reading and has a passion for motivational speaking.
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