Friends for Wala Blegay Presents: Wala’s 40th Birthday Celebration

I hope this message finds you well. I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude for your commitment and interest in supporting my 40th birthday celebration. Whether you have already decided to sponsor this special event or are considering it, your involvement is invaluable in driving positive change in our community. As a reminder, the celebration is scheduled for Friday, July 26, at 7 PM at the Hi-Qu Event Center. Book your general seat ticket here

Your support fuels our ongoing efforts to advocate for civil rights, improve healthcare, and enhance the quality of life for all residents. It also aids in continuing the work we’ve started—from promoting quality development and ensuring the presence of healthy dining options to improving safety measures and stabilizing rents in our communities. Book your general seat ticket here

For those who have already sponsored, thank you once again for your generosity and foresight. Your contribution is not just a gift, but a powerful statement of our collective vision for a better tomorrow. For those still wishing to contribute, please remember that you can complete your sponsorship payment  at 

Your support is crucial, and every contribution brings us closer to our goals. Thank you once again for standing with me. I am eager to celebrate this milestone with you and to continue championing the causes that are close to our hearts.  Book your general seat ticket here
If you have already contributed, please send your logo to this email.
Wala Blegay Councilmember,
 District 6 Prince George’s County Council


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