Temmy Foundation Empowerment International

Temmy Foundation (TFEI) aims to provide a platform that unifies foundations and institutions for underprivileged families, women, and children. By launching different programs, we gather global communities to go join us and work for a better future of the world. We provides financial and social support for marginalized girls to attend and thrive in primary and secondary school. Post-school, Temmy Foundation provides business training, finance, and support for young women to access higher education and employment opportunities, so that they can safely transition to a secure and fulfilling adulthood. Those joining the Temmy Foundation Association, our pan-African peer support and leadership network, commit to mentoring and supporting each other, as well as the next generation, as they grow into respected role models in their communities, working to secure every child’s right to go to school, and change the status quo for girls for good.


Our Objectives:

Temmy Foundation aims to: To create social awareness among youth worldwide, To build charter schools and empowerment, To provide media outlets for orphanages and other child welfare institutions worldwide.

Model of Accountability

We are accountable first and foremost to each individual girl and boy we serve. We see the world from both gender equality perspective, and dismantle the social and financial barriers that keep both gender from developing their full potential.

Our Vision

By creating charter schools for children, we can empower them to have a better future and prepare the opportunity for them to be helpful to children who come from similar backgrounds.

Our Mission

Temmy Foundation assists children of multi-ethnic, multi socio-economic backgrounds to gift them a pathway towards higher education, accelerated learning opportunities to progress as one human race.

You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you. Donate today to impart humanity temmyfei.org

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Temmy Foundation Empowerment International


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